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Microsoft Office


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Microsoft Office


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Microsoft Word Essential Skills


This course introduces Microsoft Office Word features such as text manipulation, content and document formatting, working with tabs, printing. It also includes how to use publishing tools, illustrations, text and smart art, tables, customized word items, and building content.


Microsoft Excel Essential Skills


This course introduces Microsoft Excel Office features such as how to work with workbooks and utilize skills including manipulating items, formulas, formatting, print, charts, functions, illustrations, customized charts, customized formatting, working with tables, and databases.


Microsoft PowerPoint Essential Skills


This course deals with Microsoft Office Power Point and skills such as working with text, content, illustrations, shapes, smart art, charts, tables, slide masters, using animations, finalizing the presentations, using external content, collaborating and sharing presentations, and preparing and rehearsing the presentation.


Microsoft Outlook Essential Skills


This course deals with Microsoft Office Outlook and skills such as responding to messages and message options, managing email, using the calendar scheduling items, working with contacts, using address book and distribution lists, using tasks, using notes, organizing information, and collaborating with others.




            Individuals interested in gaining knowledge of Basic Microsoft Office Skills




Basic Computer Skills




60 Hours




Eshetu Dereje (MSC, BSc Computer Science)


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