MS Business Intelligence

MS Business Intelligence

Course Description:

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provide the infrastructure that enables organizations to make better business decisions. In today’s business climate, those organizations that can collect, analyze and make timely decisions based on their data have a distinct competitive advantage over other organizations. As one of the fastest growing database management systems, Microsoft SQL Server platform also allows companies to gain greater insight from their business information and achieve faster results for a competitive advantage. It does so through its comprehensive set of tools for business intelligence, which includes Analysis Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services and Data Mining.

SQL Server Business Intelligence Developmer is an instructor-led course that is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform using Microsoft SQL Serve 2012. The program focuses on teaching how to use SQL Server 2012 product features and tools to build business intelligence solutions. These features include analysis services, integration services, reporting services, cube and dimensions development.

Target Audience:

           Individuals interested in gaining skills and experience on SQL Server Business Intelligence Development.


Applicants should have knowledge of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) concepts and of basic Microsoft SQL Server skills (Developer/DBA). In addition, applicants should have basic computer skills.

Duration: 64 Hours


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