MS SQL Server Developer

MS SQL Server Developer


Course Title:


Microsoft SQL Server Database Developer/Admin (MSSQL Server 2012)


Course Description:


MS SQL Server DBA/Developer is an instructor-led course that teaches students both the developer and administrative skill of Microsoft SQL Server’s RDMS. The developer part covers the basics of RDBMS and SDLC, and database design and modeling. It also teaches writing SELECT statements, querying multiple tables and programing with T-SQL.  


The adminstration part teaches to: install and configure SQL Server, describe the system and user databases, and the configuration options related to them. Students will learn the concept of transaction log and SQL Server recovery models and implement different backup strategies. They will learn taking Backups, restore databases, and work with SQL Server security models, logins, users, permissions and the assignment of permissions. Additionally, they will also learn SQL Server’s AlwaysOn High Availability Solution as well as techniques of troubleshooting SQL Server database issues. Lastly, they will master to implement and automate agent jobs, alerts and notifications, create database maintenance plans, work with SQL Profiler and SQL Trace stored procedures, and introduce DMVs. The course is completed by career development couching, resume critique and mock interviewing.


Target Audience:


Individuals interested in gaining experience on MSSQL Server Database Development and Administration skills.




Basic computer skills and Relational Database Management Systems




64 Hours



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